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Fusion is the Future:

The Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance organized a public forum on fusion energy on Saturday November 4, 2017 at the University of Alberta.  It was targeted at a general audience of the public, students and administrators to give an overview of the status and opportunities for fusion energy.

The Fusion Forum 2017 was a very successful event with approximately 180 attendees in person and approximately 20 listening to the web cast.  The forum gave a comprehensive overview of the status of magnetic fusion, inertial fusion, magnetized target fusion, and reactor technologies.  We heard from leading international and national speakers describing significant advances on multiple approaches which could lead to ignition and energy breakeven within the next 3 to 10 years.  These are exciting developments indicating increased optimism for fusion to succeed in the near term with the construction of engineering demo reactors starting by or before 2030.  Indeed, the Fusion 2030 proposal put forward to the federal government late last year indicated that we need to initiate a national fusion R&D program to become a major participant in such a development and help the Canadian energy industry become a global player in this area.


If you are a fusion supporter, we strongly urge that you show your support by taking up membership in the Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance.  Membership registration ($50 general or $25 student/retired per year) can be done online at the following membership link.



In order to be an effective voice for the advancement of fusion energy in Alberta and Canada, it is important that we have a strong membership base.  


The program for the Fusion Forum 2017:  Links to available presentations by clicking on the presentation

9:00am Welcome (Province - Turner, City - Cartmell, University - Tam)

9:20am Overview  and context for forum (world, Canada, Alberta)

            - Prof. Allan Offenberger (UofA Emeritus), Klaas Rodenburg (ABCtech)

9:40am Magnetic Fusion Energy - World Perspective

            - Prof. Dennis Whyte (Dean of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering & Director of

               the MIT Fusion Centre)

10:20am Coffee

10:40am Inertial Fusion Energy - World Perspective

            - Prof. Mike Campbell (Univ. of Rochester, Director, Laboratory for Laser


11:20am  Magnetized Target Fusion & Alternatives

            - Dr. Michel Laberge (Scientific Director, General Fusion)

11:50am Welcome (Federal - Boissonnault)

12:00      Lunch

12:50pm Magnetic Fusion in Canada

            - Prof. Chijin Xiao (University of Saskatchewan)

1:10pm Laser Fusion in Canada

            - Prof. Robert Fedosejevs (University of Alberta)

1:30pm Fusion Power Reactor Technologies

            - Dr. Blair Bromley (Canadian Nuclear Society)

1:50pm A Canadian Success Story - Blue Sky Technologies

            - Dr. David Naylor (Blue Sky Spectroscopy, Lethbridge)

2:10pm Fusion Enabling Technologies– Business Opportunities

            - Prof. Robert Fedosejevs (University of Alberta)

            - Dr. Pierre-Mary Paul (Amplitude Laser Group, California)

            - Prof. Robert Fedosejevs for Plasmionique, Quebec

            - Hooman Hosseinkhannazer (Norcada, Edmonton)

            - Rob Peters (Applied Nanotools, Edmonton)

2:35pm Coffee

2:50pm Call to Action - Fusion 2030 proposal for Alberta/Canada

            -  Prof. Robert Fedosejevs, Dr. Blair Bromley

3:00pm Panel Discussion & Questions

            - Dennis Whyte, Mike Campbell, Allan Offenberger, Robert Fedosejevs, Blair

               Bromley, Michel Laberge, Chijin Xiao, David Naylor

3:30pm Wrap-up 

            - Prof.  Allan Offenberger

3:45 Reception